How To Determine Quality In Furniture Drawer Slides

Today’s furniture market offers a wide variety of different quality options. From the most inexpensive options available at a high discount to top-end styles that cost thousands, there is a piece of furniture to suit virtually every budget. Yet in many of the cheaper models, you get exactly the cabinet drawer slides you pay for. Learning how to recognize quality hardware can mean the difference between a wise bargain purchase and an expensive mistake.

Checking The Hardware

Whenever you purchase a piece of furniture, regardless of whether it’s expensive or a bargain, you should always check the hardware – and not just the sliders. The entire piece should have a solid feel to it. All screws and nails should be securely fastened. Nothing should be sticking out, and there should be no snags. In addition, all the pieces should fit securely together. There should be no obvious skew or crookedness in the piece. Any one of these problems goes well beyond the scope of cabinet drawer slides – it indicates a serious flaw in design or craftsmanship of the piece.

During the inspection, be certain that you are thorough. Test everything, pull out every extension, and examine everything for obvious signs of damage. This can be difficult if you are building the unit yourself, as many of today’s bargain hunters do. Instead of scrutinizing a box, look at the in-store model that has been assembled and has probably been through some wear and tear. Learn to recognize signs that the unit has been fortified in ways that a home assembly might not use – extra glue, extra screws, etc.

Recognizing Good Cabinet Drawer Slides

Even veteran furniture enthusiasts are often surprised to learn how different one slider can be from another. First, there’s the question of how it was made. Typically, sliders made using roll forming offer the best strength and durability. Roll forming is a process that involves passing a single sheet of metal through custom-configured rollers, achieving an end form that has more strength than if it were made by folding or another easier type of attachment.

Roll forming is as expensive as it sounds. The equipment is costly, and the process requires a fair amount of skill. Few inexpensive units have furniture drawer slides made this way. Instead, look for a construction that seems to be made of one solid and fairly thick piece of metal. The greater thickness will help prevent bending. If you have access to a spare slider, try to bend it with your own strength. Keep in mind how much weight it needs to hold. Does it feel solid? Is the rolling mechanism securely attached? Do the drawers glide easily, or is there resistance? Good cabinet drawer slides will be almost effortless to open and close, and have a fair amount of strength.

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Little Changes Mean a Lot – Picking New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

In a world where we make so many decisions every day – what to drink at the coffee shop, what kind of milk to buy, how many minutes in the calling plan – how do we decide on kitchen cabinet hardware?

If your cabinets are looking a little tired and it’s not in your budget to replace or refinish them, you can get a fresh now look by choosing new kitchen hardware. You don’t have to do a complete remodel. Take down the old wall coverings and choose a great new paint color, and you’ve made a $20 investment that makes a big impact. Remove the valences and add some roman shades, and you’ve gone a long way toward updating the look of your kitchen. New kitchen cabinet hardware is another easy change.

Choosing a great cabinet knob is like choosing a great accessory for an outfit. Your choice enhances what’s already there, and it makes a statement on its own. Just as your accessories are a style statement, so is your kitchen cabinet hardware.

The selection process can be overwhelming, so take some time to consider your tastes before you buy. If you are going for a traditional look, you can select kitchen hardware with simple lines; add a back plate and you’ve built traditional character into your cabinets. Maybe you are drawn to something more elaborate, like floral motifs and vines, or beads and ropes. Maybe a finger pull or a cup pull would be a good choice if you want to go with something other than the familiar cabinet knob.

If you want kitchen cabinet hardware in a contemporary style, you’ve got plenty of choices as well. Strong geometric shapes are popular in contemporary design – look at kitchen cabinet hardware in spheres, cubes, eggs, cylinders, cones, hoops, and swirls. If you want to play down the appearance of sharp geometric hardware, choose a knob or handle in a softer metallic finish like brushed nickel, or in a warm color like oil-rubbed bronze.

Maybe you are drawn to color. If so, you’ve got plenty of options. Ceramic, clear or frosted glass, acrylic, granite, marble, and even gemstones give you many brilliant options.

Before you buy the knob that you’ve fallen in love with, take a look at the size of the kitchen hardware. Its scale and its placement on the cabinet door or drawer front are critical. Fortunately, you can find coordinating hardware in different sizes; you can mix and match similar pieces that are made to go on different size drawers and doors.

Another less-obvious consideration is usability. Are you sure the kitchen hardware is easy for elderly visitors to grab with their arthritic fingers? If you’ve got a wide receiver in the family, can he slide his fingers underneath the handle? You want him to help set the table, don’t you? He’s can’t help if he’s unable to got to open the drawers.

There’s one last thing to consider. Examine at the length of the bolts provided with on kitchen cabinet hardware. If they are the same width or thicker than the ones you are replacing, you should have no problems. They’ll fit in the existing holes in the drawer fronts and doors, or you can enlarge the screw holes if you need to. Also, check that the screws are long enough to clear a raised panel. You’d hate to find that your selections don’t fit after you bring them home.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – A Beautiful Way to Change Up the Look of Your Space

You feel like changing up the look of your kitchen, but you don’t want to do anything to dramatic, plus, spending a lot of money is not something that you had in mind either. Well, what will fit into that budget of yours and make a decorative statement all at the same time is kitchen cabinet hardware. If you install something new, your kitchen will have a lovely, improved appearance.

Really, purchasing new kitchen cabinet hardware is a great way to change up the look of your kitchen. How so? Well, it is because it is made out of a variety of breathtaking materials that can have a number of lovely finishes applied to them. For instance, you can get hardware that is crafted out of stunning bronze that has an oil rubbed finish to it. Or, you can get ones that are made out of ceramic that come in different colors and can be hand painted with designs. There are other materials available too including other metals like stainless steel and aluminum along with wood, stone, plastic, and even glass and crystal.

The different material and finishing options create selections of all sorts of styles and designs. Like, those that are made from bronze and feature an oil rubbed finish would be something that features antique styling. A few other style options include ones that have a contemporary or modern feel, others that are on the traditional side, some that are colonial in nature, and there are ones that have a country vibe going on. All of the styles make it a breeze to find something to match the current style of your kitchen space.

When purchasing kitchen cabinet hardware, keep in mind of everything that you will need and have to replace. So, get out a pad of paper and pencil to make a list that consists of drawer pulls, knobs for your cabinets, drawer slides, and hinges for your cabinets. It is important to buy everything new because you want things to match and have a lovely completed appearance. For example, if you get new drawer pulls and do not purchase new cabinet knobs, things are going to look mismatched and awkward, something that might give others the impression that you don’t have style or taste. Now, you definitely don’t want that to happen.

For an easy way to check out the kitchen cabinet hardware options and find just the right ones for your kitchen, the thing to do is hit the Internet for some online shopping. It’s fast and convenient since you can browse all the choices in no time at all and don’t even have to leave your home to do it. Plus, when you do come across something you like, it generally is at the best prices possible.

Ultimately, if you want to change up the look of your kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it, just turn to lovely kitchen cabinet hardware to make it happen. With all the choices, you’ll be sure to find something you like and your kitchen will be looking fine in no time.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – It is the Finishing Touch Your Refurbished Cabinets Need

You are in the last stages of refurbishing your kitchen cabinets and are about to install the old kitchen cabinet hardware that was on it before. Now, wait just one second. What was the point of going through all that work to change up their appearance when you are just going to put what was old back on there?

Doing that would really defeat the purpose of what you have done since you were trying to get away from that old look in the first place. So, if you really want to cap off the appearance of your cabinets in a beautiful way, turn to new kitchen cabinet hardware to do it.

There are plenty of decorative options available when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware courtesy of all the style options that you can choose from. For example, you can get ones that have a very sleek modern feel to them or if you like something that has more of a plain, yet simple appearance, you can go with ones that are more on the traditional side. Think that is it when it comes to the options that are out there? Well, it is not because there are plenty of more choices that you can get as well. Some of the others include antique, contemporary, transitional, country, colonial, and even those that have an art deco feel to them that look like gorgeous pieces of artwork.

When buying new kitchen cabinet hardware for your cabinetry, make sure that you purchase everything you need right from the get go. This is very important because you can also end up with things not matching if you do not buy it all. For instance, if you just buy new cabinet knobs and not new drawer pulls, then they are not going to match with one another. So, get everything that you need right away including cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, and even drawer slides because when your drawers are open, people can see what is on the side of them.

A great way to shop for new kitchen cabinet hardware, and those for your bathroom as well, is by turning on your computer and doing some online shopping on the Internet. This really is the way to go because you do not have to run anywhere to do it. Simply do a search in the search bar and just like that, all these virtual store fronts will be strewn right before your eyes. Then, just click on those stores to check out all the selections. In no time at all you will be able to pick out your favorites and order them. And, after you do that, they will be sent right to your home. Basically, shopping has never been so simple.

Ultimately, if you are refurbishing the cabinets in your kitchen, one thing that you need to do is install some new kitchen cabinet hardware on them. If you don’t, then all your hard work could be wasted.

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Cabinet Hardware – A Nice Way To Refresh The Look Of Your Cabinetry

You might think that the only way to revamp the look of your kitchen is by taking on a huge remodeling project. Sure, they get the job done, but they’re a pretty expensive undertaking. Now, there is actually a way for you to refresh the look of your space without spending a lot of money. What you can do instead is purchase some new cabinet hardware for your cabinetry.

That’s right, new cabinet hardware is a fantastic way to refresh the appearance of your cabinetry. The reason being is that this hardware has taken on a very decorative appearance over the years and now there are many eye-catching options thanks to all the material and finishes that are available. For example, there are some made from all sorts of metals like brass, bronze, stainless steel, iron, and even wrought iron. Porcelain and ceramic is also used to make it along with wood, glass, and crystal. A few of the finishes available include polished and burnished for the metal, hand painted colors on the porcelain and ceramic, and the wood is usually stained while the glass and crystal can be left plain or have colors infused in them.

What is so great about the material and finishing choices is that they create cabinet hardware in all types of styles and designs. Like there are modern ones that feature sleek, symmetrical lines, traditional options that have a simple appearance, and antique options that feature elegant finishes or looping designs and scrollwork. A few other style options include those that have a colonial feel to them, others that are contemporary, and some that even combine styles creating some selections that are extremely interesting.

If you have decided that this is how you want to improve the look of your space, make sure to get all the hardware that you need from the get go. This includes purchasing cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, cabinet hinges, drawer slides, and cabinet catches if you don’t have self closing cabinets. Why is this so significant, well, if you just get one new hardware piece and not all of them, your cabinetry will end up having a strange, mismatched appearance to it. So, instead of changing up its appearance for the better, you’ll end up making it look worse. Therefore, get everything from the start to avoid that from happening.

To check out the cabinet hardware that you can purchase for your cabinets, don’t make the mistake of driving down to your local hardware store. It takes a lot of time out of your day to just make the trip, instead what you can do is go online and do your comparison shopping there. You can easily browse the different options, plus, when you come across something you like it is generally at the best prices possible.

With cabinet hardware, you just get an awesome way to spruce up the look of the cabinetry in your kitchen, even bathroom, or basically any of the cabinetry in any room in your home. Purchase some stylish new ones today so you can enjoy the improved look of your space tomorrow and many years to come.

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